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The Panola Partnership recently completed a very comprehensive labor study in Fall 2010.  Specific information is available upon request.  For detailed labor information,  contact us online or by calling 888.872.6652.

Labor Information (provided by NMIDA)
Manufacturing Wage Survey (provided by MDA)
Wage Rates for Delta Area


Sales tax - Panola County is a Tier III county, therefore, you will qualify for a full sales and use tax exemption on purchases of component building materials used in the construction or expansion of your building and for the purchase of any new machinery and equipment.

State income tax - The credit in Panola County, a Tier Three county, is now 10% of the payroll of the company per year for five years.

County and City property taxes - Panola County and Cities within Panola County will grant a 10 year tax exemption on all real and personal property except for school taxes that apply.  (NOTE: The State of Mississippi does not have state property taxes.)

Also, the county will grant a Freeport Warehouse Tax Exemption on all finished goods that qualify that are shipped out of state. This is a perpetual exemption.

Other local incentives are available and are based on job creation and the amount of investment by the company. We will be glad to discuss the details of these incentives with each individual company.

Millage Rates
Taxes & Credits Available to Manufacturers in Mississippi
Mississippi Health Care Industry Zone Incentive Program



The Mississippi Industrial Training program is designed to help ensure that a company has a productive work force. A custom job training program formatted and carried out in partnership with the company, at no cost to the company, will be formulated. State officials and company officials communicate, plan and mutually agree on a training plan that will meet the company’s start-up needs.

Pre-employment training is available for up to six weeks for prospective employees. This training allows potential employees to demonstrate initiative and a willingness to learn specific job skills that will apply to the individual needs of an industry. During this pre-employment training, the company will participate in an advisory capacity and make hiring commitments with only those individuals who fully meet their needs. Following the pre-training, a customized “on the job training” program is also available to the employer. These training programs are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the employer and are structured with the assistance of the company. During this period of training, subsidy payments to help the company offset the OJT costs are also available.

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security through its WIN Job Centers, one of which is located in the City of Batesville, can assist the company in recruiting and pre-screening applicants for these training programs. Also, the WIN Job Center can direct qualified applicants, based on the company’s criteria, listed in their data base to the company for direct employment.

The State of Mississippi coordinates its training programs through its regional Community College System. Northwest Community College will be responsible for the coordination and implementation of these programs for our area. This Workforce Development Center offers customized, customer driven training support to existing, expanding and new businesses and industry.



Mississippi’s manufacturing industry is crucial to the success of the state’s economy, accounting for 12 percent of total nonfarm employment in 2010, according to a recent report commissioned by the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA).

Conducted by the National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center at Mississippi State University, the goal of “The State of Manufacturing in Mississippi” was to provide basic statistics for manufacturing in Mississippi now and in the future. The report highlights the industry as a whole and presents an overview of all the subsectors that contribute significantly to the economy of the state.

“This report shows how important manufacturing is to the state of Mississippi, where we’re headed and what we need to do in order to keep adding jobs” said Jay C. Moon, CEcD, FM, president and CEO of MMA.      
(Source: Mississippi Manufacturers' Association website,


Additional detailed information is available upon request