Welcome to Panola County

This site is devoted to the betterment of Panola County and its residents. It is also designed to provide information on the many resources that are available with individuals contemplating on expanding or relocating to Panola County.
Located in the northwestern portion of Mississippi, Panola County is made up of diverse terrains, communities, and industries offering unlimited opportunities. Panola County fuses the rolling hills of North Mississippi to America’s Fertile Crescent, the Delta. This unique topography allows Panola County to maintain harmony between agriculture, industry and urban economic growth. Recreation opportunities abound at places like John W. Kyle State Park at Sardis Reservoir, and George Payne Cossar State Park at Enid Reservoir. Golf, water sports, fishing and hunting is enjoyed throughout the County. Health care facilities, thriving businesses, competitive educational institutions, and numerous civic organizations offer advance services to individuals rooted in Panola County and attract travelers in search of a vibrant and healthy community.

Cities throughout the County work cooperatively to assure safety, convenience, and affable relations between service providers and citizens. Each of the County’s major communities boasts access to public libraries, city parks, and organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club which nurture youth and provide a safe environment conducive to cultivating young minds.

Panola County’s economy flourishes through a strong industrial base and an ever growing retail group.

If you are looking for a new and exciting place to call home or begin a new business, we invite you to join us and become part of our great community.


February 2014 Batesville Demographic Report (prepared by Buxton Company)

February 2014 Panola County Demographic Report (prepared by Buxton Company)